Sunday, June 26, 2016

Artificial Grass for Gyms

 Artificial Grass for Gym

Do you own a gym that has that cold cement look and feel? Do you want to add something to your gym that will have your customers raving to others? Artificial grass can help turn an indoor gym into a vibrant, natural looking and aesthetically pleasing workout area. Bring the feel of the outdoors to your indoor gym via synthetic turf and your customers will thank you. There is no doubt it will set your gym apart from the rest and will turn your indoor environment into a more comfortable setting.Rubber flooring is very well suited to gyms and for valid reasons, but why not supplement or ‘break it up a bit’ with some natural looking fake turf. Did you know that artificial grass may actually be better suited than rubber flooring for certain areas of your gym, read more to find out where.

Perfectly suited for Crossfit, indoor running tracks, circuits and much more

Nearly every gym has some form of heavy gym sled which is dragged across the rubber surface multiple times each day, wearing the surface away small pieces at a time, not to mention getting stuck on occasion. A synthetic grass surface is perfectly suited for sleds or prowlers and other gym equipment as it both mirrors the resistance of sliding such equipment in a park or outdoor natural lawn and allows the sled or prowlers to slide across the surface more naturally than rubber. No bumps, holes, dirt, sticks or hazards to contend with when you use fake grass as opposed to working out in a public park. Plus synthetic grass can assist with noise reduction which is an extra bonus. All grass supplied by Classic Backyards is highly durable, made with premium fibers which are designed to cope with heavy conditions and a wide range of sports so you can be sure it will stand the test of time.Finding the motivation to attend a workout can be hard for some trainers, especially if an outdoor session was planned, just a little bit of rain will be enough to scare away those with low dedication and drive. If you setup a synthetic grass workout area in your gym, replicating what would be possible in a park, there will be no more cancelled sessions because of a few dark clouds. No more ‘I hope it rains today so I can get out of my personal training session’.Gyms can utilise artificial grass for cross fit cross fit, indoor running tracks, set workout areas, circuit zones, rope climbing areas, warm up or warm down areas, around swimming pools or even just to setup a relaxed ‘chill out zone’. More and more gyms are starting to setup areas to sell protein shakes, vitamin drinks, muscle building powders, even coffee and waters, normally off to the side of an area setup with chairs or lounges so that customers can relax after their workout, artificial grass would be perfectly suited to these environments. Your customers would feel like they were relaxing on a perfectly manicured fresh lawn each time. Just imagine the environment you could create when you supplement with a few natural plants and lights.

Sydney Gym Installation Specialists

We are specialists in professional gym installations, having completed numerous projects over our 15 year history. There will be no visible joins or gaps meaning your customers receive the safe surface they deserve. Here is just one example but be sure to check out our portfolio for more.Artificial turf for gyms is hassle-free and has nearly zero maintenance. There would be no brushing of sand required, the surface is resistant to stains and if any cleaning is required on occasion you can follow our handy Care and Maintenance Guide. If the surface is installed near a window you can rest assured knowing all of our products are UV resistant, ready for the beaming Sydney sun. The increase in popularity of fitness programs such as Cross fit goes to show that gym customers are searching for new and exciting ways to train. Artificial grass can add a highly practicable, fun and functional training arena to any fitness centre.Our design and installation experts will work with you to match the best turf product for your specific needs, location and other factors.All of our products are 100% safe for both people and pets and you would be backed with our 7 year warranty and when compared 
to the cost of some gym equipment, synthetic grass is an affordable investment.

Classic Backyards can supply and install artificial grass for your gym which will be:

Highly durable and resilient
Aesthetically pleasing
Resistant to stains
Easy to clean if needed
Safe for everyone

Great for playability


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