Installation Play and Safety Ground flooring

Poured in place Colored EPDM
The choice of  uniform  ground and Commonly used. NABAA EL WESSAL of rubber flooring  is one of the best floors, there is a wide range of colors that allow you to add a fun graphic element to the patio by creating beautiful decorative shapes and expressive designs.
NABAA EL WESSAL Company uses trained and certified installation teams to produce attractive, solid and durable floors.

the benefits :
• One of the most available options.
• Ideal for expressive graphics to add value to play and color.
• Easy to clean, alien objects are removed with leaf blower.
Basic Specifications:
• Made up of two layers: a cushion made of clean rubber, recycled from tires; and a decorative wear layer consisting of fine granules of EPDM or TPV.
• Choose from various workbook options to meet the specific needs of your site.
• To be installed on asphalt and concrete, or on a set of compact substructures.

Pouder in place rubber walking path
Rubberway Training Tracks provide an ergonomic, safe, effective, and environmentally friendly surface for walking and physical fitness. Rubberway porous Training Tracks provide stormwater management and allow rapid filtration and drainage of water. Schools, military bases, federal facilities, and corporate campuses are in need for these quick drying and environmentally friendly systems.
We can find rubberway systems with different levels of thickness and resilience for the ideal training track.
Advantages :
Rubberways are safe, comfortable and easy on the joints.
They are made from recycled tire rubber,
they provide rapid drainage for quick drying,
they are eligible for LEED credits and available in different colors.

Poured in place rubber swimming pool surrounding
Rubber Safety Surfacing is the one and only surfacing product that gather a high tech polymer resins and rubber to generate a resilient and non-skid surface that is practically proven unbreakable.
Rubber Safety Surfacing that is placed in a professional way on a new or already existing surfaces, offers a great accommodation by expanding and contracting to fit temperature changes and ground movements.
 It is the perfect solution for wet deck applications with the availability of a great deal of color gradation.
Nabaa El Wessal is proven:
Rubber Safety Surfacing has been placed in various environments ( commercial, residential ) such as: water parks, indoor/outdoor swimming pool decks and leisure centers.
Fast, Professional Installation:
To uniform its thickness over your new or already existing surface, Nabaa El Wessal is mixed on site and trowelled by craftsmen in order to create a beautiful and perfect seamless finish
Nabaa El Wessal can be placed on angular surfaces (coping around a pool, stair faces). It is skilfully used for custom logos and designs.
Safety Is Important:
Just like your bath mat, Nabaa El Wessal is skid-resistant when it gets wet which makes it very appropriate for wet deck applications.
The Rubber Surface That Stretches:
Virtually, Nabaa El Wessal stretches to fit most substrate cracks caused by different ground movements. It also expands and contracts with temperature changes.
Unlimited Color Combinations:
Nabaa El Wessal makes it possible to coordinate your environments with your new surface by unlimited and endless color combinations and designs.
Quick Setting & Installation:
The installation normally takes from 24 hrs to 48 hrs for you to enjoy your new Rubaroc Safety Surface.
Safety and Anti Slip Protection:
Fall and slip accidents (in and around pools) are reduced by up to 40%.