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saudi turf team Cornwall Farm Holidays - Surf ‘n Turf still a firm family favorite

saudi turf team Cornwall Farm Holidays - Surf ‘n Turf still a firm family favorite

For anybody, particularly with a young family, a “ Surf ‘n Turf “ farm holiday in Cornwall can prove one of the most successful and memorable ever. 
Staying on a working farm close by the Cornwall coastline is just about as good as it gets when it comes to keeping the youngsters totally captivated. Providing good quality farm holiday accommodation with plenty of amenities is now an essential part of many farmers’ overall business even though it is usually their wives who end up running that side of things.
From a guest’s point of view, the marriage of Cornwall farm holiday accommodation and proximity to the coast is pretty well as good as it gets. You wake up to a hearty breakfast comprising the freshest, most natural ingredients. Anyone who hasn’t gathered in eggs laid overnight by properly fed hens roaming in a free environment and then enjoyed them with some locally produced bacon has a real treat in store!
After breakfast, there is much to be seen as all the bustle of a working day gets underway and this is a wonderful way for urban dwellers to reconnect with nature and for children to get some understanding of the food chain.Then it’s off to the beach or maybe a sea fishing trip. Alternatively, there is always an invigorating walk along the cliff tops to take in some stupendous Cornwall coastline scenery. At the end of the day, it is back to the farm and a relaxing pre-dinner drink while the children expend their remaining energy in the play area or in the fields.
It is possible to find suitable locations for such an idyllic holiday all around the UK’s coastline but the most popular hunting area is – you guessed it – Cornwall. Farm holidays in Cornwall have always proved a hit because the county is long and narrow and the majority of farms are only a stone’s throw from the seaside. Furthermore, the Cornish coastline has everything a holidaymaker could possible want with wide, sandy, surf-kissed beaches on the North side and quaint fishing and yachting harbors in the South.
To cap it all, the county has some of the most delicious food with its freshly caught seafood, locally made pasties, clotted cream teas and fresh farm produce. 
If the sun is not shining Psychology Articles, most Cornwall farms complement their holiday cottages with plenty of amenities for those days when the weather is not so favorable. Some even have indoor swimming pools and fully equipped games rooms to keep the children amused.

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