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saudi turf team The most required squash

saudi turf team The most required squash accessories

Squash is a game that requires lots of speed, fitness and endurance. The ball is hit hard and fast and can reach upto 170 miles per hour. The game demands a lot from players and from the equipment they use. In such conditions, players need the best squash accessories so that they can play a good game.
Obviously, first among squash accessories is the squash racquet. The squash may be made of titanium, carbon or aluminum. It has a short handle and the head is made of interwoven strings. Squash racquets may weigh as little as 120 grams or as much as 210 grams. So, what’s in the weight ?
Skilled players prefer light racquets. Light racquets give more control but they need to be handled and controlled well. Junior players and women also like to use light racquets for obvious reasons. Heavy racquets give more power but are harder to control. Squash racquets are typically teardrop shaped or rectangular. What you choose is a matter of personal preference. Experienced players prefer smaller because this gives more control.
Squash balls are important squash accessories. As mentioned earlier, squash balls have to put up with a lot. So they need to be sturdy. The kind of ball you choose depends on your skill level. Beginners are more comfortable with squash balls that generate high bounce. Intermediate players use medium bounce balls. Low bounce is preferred by advanced players. Extra low bounce is preferred by 80% of advanced players who like to use yellow balls.
Squash shoes are also important squash accessories. Squash players have to be extra careful with their shoes because they need to move fast and have proper grip. Squash shoes are cushioned for shock absorption. Gummy layers at the bottom increase traction and do not leave marks on the court.
Squash players need excellent grip when they are playing the game. Most experienced players use squash over grips to increase control. Light weight Feature Articles, non slip over grips increase moisture absorption. They also improve shock absorption thus enhancing control and feel.
Squash accessories are not complete without squash bags and racquet bags. Experienced players use squash bags that contain different compartments for carrying the racquets securely. Good quality bags are thermally protected so that the racquets enjoy maximum security. Squash racquet covers can hold only a single frame and they are ventilated nicely so that they are thermally regulated. Some players prefer to carry their squash racquets in a pack bag. These are again provided with thermal insulation and can carry several racquets.

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