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Monday, February 15, 2016

saudi turf team All You Wanted To Know About acoustic Underlay

saudi turf team All You Wanted To Know About acoustic Underlay


Installation of a rubber carpet in a room gives the room a classy and sophisticated look. If you have plans of installing carpet in your room, you would obviously want to ensure that the carpet you buy lasts for some years so that you can get its best value. In such a case, installing a carpet underlay or carpet padding is very essential. An underlay is actually a type of under-carpet material, which is inserted between the carpet and the floor. It provides insulation and shields the carpet.

Advantages of installing an underlay

    An underlay can help in insulating your home. It acts as a heating pad for floors in order to protect the feet against cold. It's quite thick and this ensures to keep your feet comfortable and warm especially during winters.

    The underlay can help you save on your energy bills if you have heat pump. There is no need to keep the heat pump on all through the day. A carpet underlay can absorb and maintain heat.

    An underlay helps sound insulation. It reduces the noise that is made by banging the doors, loud laughter or chatter and heavy footsteps. If you want to minimize the noise created in a house, its best to go for an acoustic underlay.

Types of underlay

There are different types of underlay available in the market. Each of the types has a particular use depending on the material it's made up of. One of the most popular types of carpet underlay is a rubber underlay. It comes up in varying degrees of thickness. Flat carpet padding is most widely used under this category.

Foam carpet padding, especially the closed cell underlay is also in high demand among the homeowners and interior designers. Although its bit expensive but it is a great choice if you want to resist moisture. It is not even permeable by water. This type of underlay can very easily be cut into small pieces for reducing its size. However, in order to increase its size, you just need to use the duct tape to connect the small pieces.

Wool carpets are basically very comfortable and warm. They are even quite expensive and this is the reason why you would want to protect it. A carpet underlay made of wool is although quite expensive but is extremely luxurious and warm and is best suited for the wool carpets. There are eco-friendly wool-felt mixture underlays that are made from recycles wool fibres. This type of underlay offers warmth and comfort to a high degree. It is also very durable.

Popular carpet underlay brands

If you go to the market to buy an underlay you will come across a number of brands offering carpet padding to their customers. Not only are they available in the local stores, they are even available at the online shops. Some of the popular brands include Cloud 9, Tredaire, Duralay and Ball & Young. Prices range from average to expensive. However, before purchasing the underlay, ensure to take a note of your floor's dimensions for the best fit.

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