Wednesday, February 17, 2016

saudi turf team Anti-Fatigue Matting - Do They Help ?

saudi turf team Anti - Fatigue Matting - Do They Help ?

Relief to works that stand on hard flooring for long periods of time comes with the anti-fatigue matting products. These ergonomic products are designed to relieve fatigue, back and leg pain that comes from standing for long periods of time. While this matting was first geared toward industrial purposes only, the scene is changing as of late and new products are being made that focus on individual use.

Who Needs Anti-Fatigue Matting?

Anyone that stands for long periods of time on hard flooring are ideal candidates for anti-fatigue matting. Some of the common roles are, but not limited to the following:

· Grocery clerks
· Hospital Workers
· Lab Workers

· Any employee required to stand for long periods of time
Recently, the matting has taken on a whole new audience in the form of the stay at home moms. They are using these mats when they are doing household task that require them to stand for a long period of time. Some of these common tasks are , but not limited to the following:

· Washing dishes
· Ironing
· Folding Clothes
· Cooking

What are the benefits of Anti-Fatigue Matting?

The benefits are almost too many to mention. Where these products used to have a well defined area they were used for, new areas like mentioned above are increasing the benefits of using them. Some of the common benefits are, but limited to the following:

· Reduce back pain
· increase circulation
· increase productivity
· reduce spinal compression
· reduce back and leg pain

If you stand for long periods of time on hard flooring, you should carefully consider purchasing an anti-fatigue mat.

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