Monday, February 29, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM badmination court dieminsions

SAUDI TURF TEAM badmination court dieminsions
Overall Court Dimensions

The overall dimensions of a badminton court is 20 feet by 44 feet. The lines along these measurements mark the sidelines for doubles play and long service lines for singles play.
The Net Line

The net line marks the middle of the court where the net is placed, creating a 22 feet by 20 feet area on each side of the net.
Short Service Line

The short service line is marked 6 feet 6 inches (some are marked 7 feet) from the center line. The area inside the short service line is also called the Non Volley Zone.
Center Line

The Center Line is the line that divides the court from the Short Service Line to the Back Boundary Line. This delineates the Left from Right Service Court.
Side Line for Singles Play

The Singles Side Line is marked 1 1/2 feet from the edge of the outer boundary (doubles side line)
Back Boundary Line and Long Service Line for Singles
The back boundary line is the same for singles and doubles play it is the outermost back line on the court.
Long Service Line for Doubles

The Long Service line for Doubles is marked 2 1/2 feet inside the Back Boundary Line.
The Badminton Net
The badminton net measures 5 feet tall in the center.

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