Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM The Beach Volleyball

SAUDI TURF TEAM The Beach Volleyball


Beach volleyball is an Olympic team sport which is played on sand. Like additional variants of volleyball game, two teams, apart by a high net, attempt to score points versus the other by hitting a ball on the other courtyard team. Combative beach volleyball teams usually comprise by two players, though amateur variations can hold up to six players.

Initiating in Southern California and Hawaii Islandand Hawaii Island, sand volleyball game now encounters worldwide popularity, even in nations without conventional beaches, such as Switzerland. Though generalized in Southern California, the first immortalized sand volley games took place on the beaches of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Outrigger Canoe Club. Originally configured to apply to bored surfers something to do while the surf was down, the game rapidly emerged into more organized six-man matches. The most famous ahead of time player was legendary waterman, Duke Kahanamoku.

In 1920, Santa Monica, California produced a large sandy field for public enjoyment, setting the germ for volleyball beach evolution in that area. The first permanent nets started to come out, and amateur games were shortly being played on public regions of the beach, as well as in private beach clubs. Eleven such beach clubs came out in the Santa Monica region, starting in late 1922. The first inter-club contests were arranged in 1924, marking the first beach volleyball tournaments to be played in California.

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