Wednesday, February 17, 2016

saudi turf team Build Your Own Home Gym !

saudi turf team Build Your Own Home Gym !

Home gyms are becoming a rage these days. People are converting their study rooms and part of their sharing space in their house to accommodate a home gym. Home gyms are preferred because they cut down on time, are convenient and provide privacy. Before you zero in on a home gym of your choice, you need to consider your fitness need, the space available and then make a budget accordingly.

First and foremost do not cram your gym with all sort of needless equipment. For instance, if you want to lose weight or gain cardio resistance, then equipment like a powered cross trainer, a mechanized treadmill and a Swiss ball is enough. If you need to do strength training, then a Smith machine which costs $650 is apt. The cost of building a multi-gym to tone-up muscles can cost a cool $4800 upwards. This will include things like lighting, flooring, ventilation system, and music.

The minimum area needed to build a home gym is about 150 square feet. There should be some area to move around too. If you have a 200 sq feet area, you can include a Jacuzzi as well. Apart from the main machines like the treadmill, the power plate machines; you should also keep dumb bells, resistance bands and an aerobic box. You should refrain from building your home-gym in the basement area.

Flooring is also an important part while building a gym. You can choose between rubber flooring or a vinyl flooring. Rubber flooring is good for cushioning any falls. One can be comfortable standing, running or walking freely easily unlike a tiled floor or carpeted flooring. Also rubber flooring can easily reduce the impact of any equipment fall. Rubber flooring is easy to maintain and clean as well. Vinyl flooring cuts down on the noise, is stain resistant, is hygienic and can be easily cleaned.

Light and air are two important factors in a gym. It is preferable to have a bold color on the walls to create the vibrant feeling. The lighting that is used should not hurt the eyes. You can have the lights hidden within concealed gloves. You can also use light fixtures that are shielded with frosted glass. This emits softer light which does not cause problems to the eyes while looking up at the ceiling. Dimmed lights are good for Yoga exercises or if you are relaxing after a workout session. You can also have lights concealed behind mirrors affixed on a well-lit wall.

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