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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

saudi turf team Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats

saudi turf team Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats - The Comfort You've Been Dreaming Of

There are hundreds of different types of anti-fatigue mats out on the market today. All suited and designed with the end user application in sight. There is one product in particular that has the properties and characteristics of a durable anti-fatigue mat with an additional advantage of six different types of textile surfaces. If you are not looking for any special color or design, then look no further than the standard Black Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue mat. This mat has a solid yet spongy black diamond pattern surface, composed of 100% Nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber possesses superior strength and flexibility compared to your standard rubberized mats. This form of synthetic rubber is particular for its resistance to oil, grease, fuel, and other acids you might find in a garage or industrial factory. 20% of this Nitrile rubber is created using recycled tire content. The Nitrile rubber is constructed to create the surface texture and is then blended with a thick and durable PVC cushion, permanently molding it to the Nitrile rubber surface. This creates a solid long-lasting mat, preventing separation between surface and cushion over time. An added bonus to the Nitrile rubber content is that it also makes this mat electrically conductive as well as welding safe, making it a great mat to use for industrial purposes.
Another impressive property of the Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue mat is that it comes manufactured with beveled edging by design. The edges of the mat are composed using the same material as the surface, yet slightly extends past the cushion creating a smooth transition from floor to mat. These Nitrile rubber borders will not crack or curl like cheaper vinyl anti-fatigue mats will do over time. These mats also possess an option to create striped OSHA safety color borders: yellow, orange, red, or green, on the sides of the mat for visual warnings..
Each Hog Heaven mat offers the option of either a thickness of 5/8" or 7/8" depending on the desired support. Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mats give you that extra bounce or pep in your step that you need to get the blood flowing and using the muscles in your legs more efficiently. This gives you the oxygen and nutrients your body and muscles need for those long days on your feet. Don't let the wear and tear of fatigue affect your happiness and ability to function on the job properly. Don't dream about, do it!

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