Wednesday, February 17, 2016

saudi turf team Horses, Stables, And Horse Properties

saudi turf team Horses, Stables, And Horse Properties

If you are planning to buy and keep horses as pets or business, you must consider buying realty horse properties. Horses are not like cats and dogs that you can keep indoors or allow to sleep on your bed. Horses are big animals that need lots of space. In an ideal setting, a horse must have the following: a barn, a stable, and lots of open spaces. You can hardly keep a horse in your backyard without drawing the ire of your wife and that of your neighbors. The best thing you can do if you don't have the dough to buy several acres of land is to lease a stable. The internet and most equine magazines provide listings of major companies leasing horse properties to horse owners.

However, don't just pick out a name and and drive your horse over. There are certain qualities that a stable must possess to be ideal and healthy for your animal. You don't want to visit one day and find your muscled stallion reduced to a whiny bag of bones. Go over the stable-choosing process methodically to ensure that you don't miss out important details. First, identify your stable and service requirements. Horse experts suggest making the safety, health, and the security of your animal as your primary concerns in picking out a stable. But don't forget about your convenience. You don't want to drive 20 miles or take a plane just to visit your horse. Ask the local horse enthusiasts for recommendations to good stables. These people know insider information you may not get from the internet. Magazines on horse properties also feature reviews about horse barns and stables. 

Pick a stable you can reach easily in case of an emergency. After picking out candidates, do ocular visits to check the area. It is important to visit the stables in person. The pictures of horse properties in the internet or in the magazines are edited or taken for the purpose of advertising. This means that these pictures only show the good angles of the stables. In doing a random personal inspection, you see the good and the bad sides of the stables. For example, the stables may be impeccable, but the surrounding fences are rickety. Check the stables for cleanliness and ask the caretaker how often does the stable get cleaned. Take note of the supplies in the feed room to see if they have everything your horse might need like stable blankets and proper bridle. The construction of the fences are also important. There may be openings for possible escapes which can breach the stable security. This is not being obsessive or too demanding. This is about protecting your pet and your investment (horses don't come cheap) from no-good horse properties.

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