Thursday, February 11, 2016

saudi turf team prefabricated rubber rolls

saudi turf team prefabricated rubber rolls

 Rubber Athletic Track Material, with a Special closed-cell structure, made from synthetic rubbers. The Embossed, Vulcanized Surface provides incredible elasticity and unparalleled duration

Athletic Track of Kindergarten, Public, Primary School, University, Physical College, Stadium, Sports Center, Training, Professional Competition, Continental Championship and etc...

   HDPD/HDDD Type Specification:

 EPDM synthetic rubber vulcanization of the further strengthen of the materials of polymer, the good performance for Aging resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance etc.

Natural rubber has excellent properties of high elastic insulation, waterproof, low specific gravity, after appropriate treatment with alkali, heat, cold, pressure. Full solid be consistent from beginning to end, and has maximum compression deformation. Its advanced partition design maximizes absorption and recovery of energy.

Professional type: for athletic field of Olympic, continental championship, professional training

Standard type: for athletic field of high school, university, physical college, sports center, stadium

Conventional type: for athletic field of primary school, high school, college, university, gymnasium

Indoor, outdoor table tennis, basketball, badminton and other kinds of course

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