Saturday, February 13, 2016

saudi turf team prefabricated rubber rolls

saudi turf team prefabricated rubber rolls


1. The upper layer is heat-vulcanized honeycomb base, with special structure angled in the direction of running, which differentiates the biomechanical responsedepending on the type stress generated by athletes.

2. The bottom layer has been specially designed to boost vertical deformation, giving athlete a sense of comfort while training.


No Coating and No Granules
Extremely Maintenance Friendly, Normal rainfalls carry away the surface dirt
Provides Great Traction In Wet Conditons
UV protect
Molding and vulcanizing surface

EPDM synthetic rubber vulcanization of the further strengthenings of the materials of polymer ,the good performance for Aging resistance,weather resistance,electrical insulation,corrosion resistance,impact resistance etc.

Geometric molding and vulcanizing layer:

Natural rubber has excellent propertiles of high elastic,insulation,waterproof,low specific gravity,After appropriate treatment with alkali,heat,cold,pressure.Full solid be compression deformation.Its advanced partitiion design maximizes absorption and recovery of energy.

Relationship Material Needed and Supplied:

1. Painting for lines Marking.
2. PU adhesive for installation
3. Aluminium Curbing for a perfect running track system
4. Shot put circle and shot put toe board pre-installed while doing installation of running track surface
5. Take off  board pre-installed while doing installation of running track surface

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