Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Quality Tennis Court Construction

SAUDI TURF TEAM Quality Tennis Court Construction

When you're thinking about investing in tennis court construction, you want to be confident that your money will be well spent on a tennis court that looks nice, performs well, and won't need frequent repairs or costly maintenance. That's why you should consider Post Tension concrete for the construction of a court. Compared to asphalt, concrete is less susceptible to the effects of certain climates, and it provides a durable and lasting sports surface.

Post Tension concrete can be used for court construction; or even reconstructing existing tennis-courts. The following long term benefits are just a fraction of why you should ask for Post Tension concrete for your court construction or rebuild.

• Eliminate potential liability caused by structural cracking
• Stable and attractive edges
• Increased resistance to settling or heaving
• Ability to span unstable soil
• Eliminates cold joints around posts (fence posts or tennis net posts)
• Controlled slope for draining
• Post Tension concrete offers the ability to reconstruct over an existing tennis-court without any major without any major excavation.

How Post Tension Concrete is Better for Tennis Court Construction:

When used in court construction in saudia arabia , Post Tension concrete has proven to be cost effective and delivers long lasting benefits. Cracks in a court can be visually unappealing, but more importantly they are very dangerous and make a court unsafe to play on. This use of Post Tension concrete is helpful for controlling and even resisting cracks as a result of compression induced into the concrete by steel pre-stressing tendons.

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