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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

saudi turf team Various Types Of Horse stable Rugs

saudi turf team  Various Types Of Horse stable Rugs

There are many things that a horse owner or trainer would need to use in order to care for the equine animal. Horse rugs or horse blankets for instance, which is used in a number of ways for the animal's protection. Horse rugs are of various types and each of these types has its particular use and application.

The anti-sweat rugs are made of cotton meshes that prevent the sweating horses from feeling chilled after an exercise. There are also anti-sweat rugs with exceptionally fine meshes that are used to put off flies. These rugs are secured at the front or be positioned in place using a surcingle.

The cooler rugs are rugs made of breathable materials used like an anti-sweat rug. These rugs are designed to draw up sweat and moisture away from the animal's coat and allow the moisture to evaporate. On a cold day after an outdoor exercise, these blankets may be placed underneath a stable or turnout rug to allow the animal to dry off. They may also be used to add extra warmth for the equine during winter.

The exercise rugs stretch from the saddle front up to the horse's rump. They are used to make the animal dry/warm while it is ridden. Some are placed under the saddle while there are also those with Velcro fasteners that are placed atop the saddle.

The fleece rugs are also made of breathable materials that can be used as substitute for cooler rug, travel rug, stable rug or under rug.

The fly rugs or fly sheets are made of fine meshes that serve as protection against insect and fly bites. These sheets have belly flaps to be secured at both sides so even the belly area is protected from biting insects. Some also have bonnets or masks to protect the head of the equine. The fly sheets also help prevent sunburn and keep the coat from dirt.

Stable rugs, available in many colors, are designed for indoor use to keep the horse warm. Most of these blankets are padded and are available in different thickness. There are lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight rugs. These are made of breathable materials so that the horse's sweat will evaporate. There are stable rugs with shoulder pleats so the animal is freer to move. Others have neck cover to provide protection for the neck. Horses which stay inside the stable both night and day need stable rugs. In the morning, a day rug which is lighter must be used. At night when the temperature is colder, the more that the animals would need heavier stable blankets. For an alternative, an under blanket may be placed under the light stable rug instead of using a heavier blanket. In the morning the under blanket should be removed. These rugs should not be secured very tightly around the chest or neck area.

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