Monday, February 15, 2016

saudi turf team When choosing an acoustic rubber insulation

saudi turf team When choosing an acoustic rubber  insulation


Product crush pic do you just look at the cost ?

We believe that acoustic insulations should be fit for purpose. Therefore our Isorubber under screed products are designed to continue performing, under load, for the lifetime of the building.

While polyethylene foam acoustic insulations can seem more cost effective than rubber based products they contain high proportions of air, which naturally dissipates over time, a process that speeds up when under floor heating is fitted. The air can also be forced out of these products under normal design loads of 350Kg/m2. This can compromise their acoustic performance and even lead to the screed cracking, leading to costly remedial work.

The evidence is clear:

 Solid polyethylene weighs approximately 1000Kg/m3.
A 10mm thick polyethylene foam with a density of 30Kg/m3 is therefore 97% air.
This means that if all of the air dissipates or is squeezed out of this 10mm thick polyethylene foam it will become a 0.3mm thick sheet.
Where the foam is lapped at joints screed coverage can be greatly reduced, leading to potential weak areas prone to cracking.

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