Friday, February 5, 2016

saudi turf team Which type of wooden flooring

saudi turf team Which type of wooden flooring is suitable for you?

if you are looking to improve the look of your home then you may be considering switching from carpet to wooden flooring or even just thinking about updating the wooden flooring that you currently have. There are numerous options open to you and knowing where to start can sometimes feel like a minefield. 

Hard wood flooring:
A floor lain with solid wood will look and feel absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for the most authentic looking flooring then this is the type for you. You can use many different types of wood for this including oak, ash, walnut, chestnut and wood from almost any other strong tree. Hard wood floors are solid wooden flooring and therefore one of the most expensive options available. 
You can have different styles of styles of this flooring material - including strips, planks or even parquet style designs. Each design will bring a completely different look to the room in question. 
Coating or protection the material can be a long process, as can having it fitted. It is possible to fit this yourself, however Psychology tools will need and you may have to wait 48 hours for the sealant to dry before being able to use the room again. More costs will be involved in having paying for it to be fitted as you will need a sub floor to be fitted if you do not already have one. Most modern ground levels are made using concrete so this step will need to be undertaken before.

Engineered wood flooring:

This material is designed to give a natural ‘real wood look’ but made from cheaper materials. It is made up of plywood topped with a veneer of real wood. This gives you the appearance of hard wood flooring without having to cover the larger price tag. Being topped with a natural material means that it can be stained and dyed to a large number of styles.
You still have the option of sanding down engineered flooring to re-coat or re-varnish but you will need to check with a professional floor installer before doing so as just 15-20% of it is the topping and the bulk of the flooring is actually the plywood. 
As you are using less of the expensive materials you will find that engineered wood floors are a cheaper option and are also easier to install as they can usually be placed on top of existing flooring.
Which decision is right for you ?
Once you have your budget in mind you will be able to get a better idea whether you can only afford engineered wood flooring or whether you have a choice between the two. If you are looking for minimal disruption then an engineered wooden floor is going to be the best option but if you want to have the best look and finish than a hard wood flooring will probably look best in your home.

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