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Monday, February 1, 2016

saudia turf team Little Bit About Grass in the Garden

saudia turf team  Little Bit About Grass in the Garden

We are all happy that the spring is almost here. A bit of winter is still with us but we are more likely to think about warm, sunny days and green grass in our garden. But what do we know about the grass - do we know how to take care of it to make it look stunning? Let's find out.
The most important are beginnings. There are two times when it is good to start the grass growing - one is between April and May, and the second one is between August and September. Before we seed the grass we should prepare the soil. Mostly when the soil is with good pH and with enough of decay we can just dig it over and this will do.
Next thing is to choose seeds. It is worth to pay a bit of attention and time to think this matter trough - what will be the best type needed for us. The choice depends on the purpose that we have for our grassed yard. If we have children and animals the grass might be in worse condition this case we should choose a sport type of grass, if we only want the grass to look good we can decide on the park one mixture.
And not without a meaning there is a way of sowing. Popular method is to sow on the cross - first we split seeds on two parts and than we sow one part in one direction, till the end of the field and another part in different direction, crossed to the first one. After sowing we have to cover seed with soil. We can make using in example rake. In the end we water the soil checking if the flow is not to intense.
If we already have seeds sowed important is a good care. The biggest problem for all gardeners is the cutting part. There can be a lot to say on this subject. We have to have good methods, tools and spend a lot of time. The best time for cutting is in the morning and in the evening and using electrical lawn-mower and smaller Health Fitness Articles, hand one that can be used in harder to get places.
First cutting should be when the grass is about 6-10 cm. and not making it too short - the correct length should be about 4 cm. The next problem is how often the grass should be cut. It is commonly said that we should do it once a week. If we do it fewer there is a possibility that pests will appear. And we shouldn't cut the grass when it is wet - there is a more chance to make plants sick.

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