Saturday, February 27, 2016

What Are Anti-Static Mats?

What Are Anti-Static Mats?
the living room on a humid day ? The shock you feel is scientifically called Electrostatic Discharge or ESD. ESD is common in nature, like lighting, or the thing we call "static". While we can enjoy shocking our family and friends with a little static, in larger amounts, it can be dangerous to people and machinery.
Electrostatic discharge can be a hazard in work environments with large electronics and circuit boards. Even large servers are put at risk if the static electricity has saturated the environment. People can be subject to electrocution if the discharge is powerful enough, and they are around high voltage machinery. Because loss is high, it is vital that risk assessment managers must take in these threats of electrostatic discharge something of the utmost importance. Finding the solutions and implementing them must be prioritized because ESD is a question of when and not if. It is a certainty that electrostatic discharge will occur, it is only a matter of timing.

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