Thursday, March 3, 2016

Saudi comfortable EPDM sports flooring system

                    Saudi comfortable EPDM sports flooring system

Elastic wet-pour, polyurethane, safety flooring ideal for volleyball, handball,

basketball, football courts and multipurpose courts.Consists of a mixture of EPDM in

granulometry of 1-3mm with PU binder  applied by paving machine or by trowel

with the parallel use of a cylinder .It can create many designs and patterns by

the use of different colors of EPDM . It is applied in 6-15mm

thickness on asphalt and power-troweled smooth concrete surfaces without rising

humidity issues. Alternatively, beneath the EPDM plus PU binder mixture, a mixture

of RECYCLED RUBBER  with PU BINDER can be applied in a thickness of 6-15mm.

This way all the possible thickness combinations of SBR mixture with EPDM mixture

on top can be created.

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