Thursday, March 31, 2016

Saudi PU track surface

A Full PU Track specification on running tracks in the UK are pretty rare but are the premium top quality specification however this does come with a price and generally is the most expensive however many athletes would say you pay for what you get. These Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are impervious so basically non porous and do not allow water to soak through the system. The make up of the Full PU Track surface is a base material flooded with two part flexible polyurethane elastomer and rubberized crumb cast insitu. The solid PU athletics track wearing course surfacing is a layer of polyurethane resin binder with coloured EPDM rubber crumb cast into the uncured surfacing. The broadcast of the rubber EPDM granules can be carried out in blue, green or red colour with the most common being the latter and know to many as the tartan track colour Full PU Track. The advantages of the Full PU Track is that it is hard wearing, long lasting, high durability with energy boosting elasticity. The Polyurethane Athletics Track Surfaces are perfect for spikes and an elite premium running track specification system.

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