Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SAUDI TRUF TEAM Recycling Used Tires

SAUDI TRUF TEAM Recycling Used Tires
Core components of tires include fibres (including polyester or nylon), steel, and of course, rubber. In fact, a typical 24 pound tire yields about 12 pounds of rubber, 6 pounds of steel and 4 pounds of fibre. You know these materials to be in thousands of products and yes, they can be extracted from the tires in a feasible, environmentally responsible way. These raw materials, in turn, can be used as main inputs to produce entirely new products.
The main extracted component - high quality rubber - can be used to produce such things as rubber mulch for landscaping/gardens; rubber surfaces for playgrounds; engine components; sub-flooring and road bed additive. Recycled steel from can be used in countless ways, as can fibre materials.

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