Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SAUDI TRUF TEAM Street Hockey Equipment

SAUDI TURF TEAM Street Hockey Equipment


We all want to protect our kids from childhood injuries, and street hockey equipment is a necessary part of sports safety. Street hockey started about 40 years ago when kids began playing hockey outside on the pavement with roller skates instead of ice skates.

Today the game is played in basketball courts, blacktop rinks, tennis courts, playgrounds and yes, even streets. The roller skates of years ago have evolved into roller blades but the game is still the same. Kids play with hockey sticks to gain goals against the other team.

Street hockey has become a team sport of note, with tournaments played across the world.

As with regular ice hockey, street hockey injuries can happen. The proper street hockey equipment can make all the difference when players meet hard. Everyone is familiar with the injuries common to ice hockey, and the same are possible with hockey played on roller blades.

Lost teeth, split lips, broken arms and legs, and even head injuries can be something your youngster may come home with. It's a very good idea to send your kids out with the proper gear in order to minimize, or even avoid, potential harm.

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