Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM All About handball Wrist Pain

SAUDI TURF TEAM All About handball Wrist Pain
Today we are in a seated position and we're going to talk about carpal tunnel as well as wrist pain. The biggest thing I have to say about carpal tunnel and wrist pain is that when you are looking at it from a symptomatic view, it's all about where the pain is located and where the ex tensors or fleecers are located. Yet with carpal tunnel, most of the time it goes up towards the top of the body and that is the problem. In this area, we are referring to shoulder issues, neck issues, and the T-spine as well. If you're looking for a solution to the problem for long-term, go upstream to where the shoulder, neck and thoracic spine are located.

Today, however, we will talk about what is happening within the wrist itself and the symptomatic view of wrist pain. Someone asked me about this, so I'm giving this tip to you. For wrist pain, I think the most effective treatment method is doing trigger point work. As you guys know, I dislocated my carpals as a teenager playing handball  so my wrists broke. That is what got me started on this whole journey for recovery. As a massage therapist, every other week I was out and it was horrible so I perfected this technique for myself. That is the key here. This hits home for me in many ways because I couldn't do the things that I loved, such as helping people.

What I'm going to show you is some easy breaks you can do to get the pain to subside dramatically. However, remember that this is a symptomatic view, not a systematic view. During the symptomatic view, you'll get guaranteed short-term gain. Some of the trigger points can refer to different places but we are only going to be looking at it in specific areas. I'm going to give you a visual of the muscle tissue. So when you're looking at anything that I refer to regarding on trigger point work, it is about the general area. It will never refer to that one point, because you're never going to find that one point in the plethora of fibers that you have. You want to think about it in terms of muscle groups that are causing pain in that general area.

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