Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Baseball - America's Game ?

SAUDI TURF TEAM Baseball - America's Game ?
The game of Baseball is known as "America's Pastime," "America's Sport," "As American as Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevy." Have you ever asked yourself the question, why ? Is baseball really America's game, or one of the most successful media and public relation coup to ever be pulled off There are people, very knowledgeable people, who can provide statistics which clearly demonstrate that Football has supplanted baseball as America's number one sport.
Others bear witness to facts of Golf, through the amount of amateur players, revenue and name recognition, has a valid claim on the number one spot. Let's not forget America's frenzy to enter and become a valid competitor in the World's sport of "Futbol," soccer as we call it.
The adage "Figures don't lie and Liars figure," which means anyone can twist numbers around to substantiate whatever claim they want, probably explains the debate as well as any other hypothesis. It's not the numbers, fan attendance, revenue, television exposure or any other subjective manner of evaluating.
As they say on late night television talk shows, here's my top ten reasons baseball is, has been and always will be America's Sport.
1. Baseball originated in America as an American game. I know there's some petty arguing about the game having roots to the Old World and some pretty far fetched stretching to compare the sport to some obscure game which included a club and an object which was struck, but America made Baseball, period.
2. Baseball is not actually the story. The story of baseball is a collection of thousands of individual stories of struggle, fear, sacrifice and hard work of the players of the game.
3. Baseball is most likely the most color blind institute, including the court systems, in America. A person's value is determined by his talent, not skin color or nationality.

4. Baseball embroils the very nature Americans have about "Hard Work" being rewarded. Practice hard enough, long enough and you'll succeed.
5. Baseball encompasses America's contradictions. Americans are fiercely independent, yet form extremely strong bonds with one another when placed into a team situation. An opponent may be despised today, but instantly become a valued teammate when acquired by trade the next day.

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