Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM baseball Player rosters

SAUDI TURF TEAM  baseball Player rosters
Roster, or squad, sizes differ between different leagues and different levels of organized play. Major League Baseball teams maintain 25-player active rosters. A typical 25-man roster in a league without the DH rule, such as MLB's National League.
1 eight position players—catcher, four infielders, three outfielders—who play on a regular basis
2 five starting pitchers who constitute the team's pitching rotation or starting rotation
3 six relief pitchers, including one specialist closer, who constitute the team's bullpen (named for the 4 off-field area where pitchers warm up)
5 one backup, or substitute, catcher
6 two backup infielders
7 two backup outfielders
one specialist pinch hitter, or a second backup catcher, or a seventh reliever
In the American League and others with the DH rule, there will usually be nine offensive regulars (including the DH), five starting pitchers, seven or eight relievers, a backup catcher and two or three other reserves; the need for late inning pinch-hitters (usually in the pitcher's spot) is reduced by the DH.

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