Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Basic Rules to Be Followed When Playing Handball

SAUDI TURF TEAM Basic Rules to Be Followed When Playing Handball
Handball is an engaging game and is considered ideal for people who want to get a fit and healthy body through exercising. While this is the case, anyone who wants to get in this fast paced and competitive sport has to learn the basic rules that have to be adhered to. In essence, any ardent learner can keep up with these for the simple reason they are simple.

• 6 meter line: No player is allowed to venture in the 6m area apart from the goal keeper. The only exceptions are allowed if the player shoots the ball and the period before it lands in the scoring area.

• Walking: The player is not allowed to take three steps before dribbling the ball. Also, they should not hold it for more than 3 seconds without either passing, shooting or bouncing it. If this is done, then it is termed as walking and as such, the possession is gone.
• Double dribble: Once the player gets the ball, they are not supposed to dribble/bounce it and then hold it and dribble again. This is considered as foul and they also lose the chance.
• Kicking: There should be no chances of kicking or even touching it with the legs. If this occurs, then the opposing team gets the upper hand. 

• Handball fouls: There should be no cases of charging, holding, hitting or pushing during the game play.

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