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SAUDI TURF TEAM Club cricket

SAUDI TURF TEAM Club cricket

Club cricket is a mainly amateur, but still formal, form of the sport of cricket, usually involving teams playing in competitions at weekends or in the evening. There is a great deal of variation in game format although the Laws of Cricket are always observed.

Club cricket is frequently organised in a league or cup format.
Games are limited by either time or overs. Limited overs games usually last between 20 and 60 overs per innings. A less common, but more traditional, format is limiting the game by time only. Games can range from a few hours in the evening to two days long. A modern innovation is the introduction of Twenty20 competitions, both as a format in the existing leagues and new leagues solely based on Twenty20, such as Last Man Standing.

Standards of play can vary from semi-professional to occasional recreational level and club cricket is often enjoyed as much for the social element as for the competition. Most clubs have their own ground to play on regularly, often including a field and pavilion or club house. An exception being 'Wandering Sides' who use other's grounds.

Many leagues have been formed around the world of varying degrees of professionalism, the oldest being the Birmingham & District Premier League in the Birmingham area of England, founded in 1888.

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