Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Easton Hockey Sticks

SAUDI TURF TEAM Easton Hockey Sticks

Easton hockey sticks have a well deserved reputation as being some of the best and most popular around. The company has continued to lead the hockey world in innovation across a variety of areas, and makes products that all players can benefit from, regardless of skill or experience level. Most importantly, Easton hockey sticks were the first to deliver composite hockey sticks, the one piece beasts that now dominate in all levels of the sport.

Take a look at some information to help you get started understanding the history of these products as well as what's available today. You'll see that there are plenty of great reasons why Easton hockey sticks continue to be leaders in the industry, and the go-to choice for many individuals all across the globe.

Composite Hockey Sticks

It's hard to imagine
, but it's only been a decade since the composite hockey sticks were first introduced. In the year 2000, Easton hockey sticks added the Synergy to their lineup, and it immediately started to make a huge impact. It was the lightest production stick in the world and had a variety of patents based upon the exact construction and style of the stick.

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