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The design and construction of stabling is vitally important for the health and safety of horses, for accessibility and the future development of the property. It is important to follow correct procedures when designing and constructing stables to ensure a low maintenance requirement for many years.
Stable Sizes

The size of stables will depend on their For ponies/small horses the minimum size Should be 8m2 , with 2.8m the minimum length of the shorter wall Stables for larger horses should be in the range 11m2 -20m2, and be as square as is practical Stables for foaling should have a minimum size of 20m2, with 4m the minimum length of the shorter wall Stables for stallions should be at lease 15m2 with 3.5m the minimum length of the shorter wall The maximum size for a foaling box or for a stallion stable is 25m2, for other stables the maximum size is 20m2 (under the Schemes) Stalls Stalls should be at least 1.8m long (including trough space) and 1.5m wide The service passage behind the stalls to be at least 2m wide for a single row of stalls, and 3m for a double row Feeding passages, where used, to be at least 1m wide Stall dividers to be 1.4m high Loose Housing For loose housing (group housing of three or more animals). The following floor areas are suggested, with the lower figure being the minimum.
Roof Structure

Timber purloins 150mm x 75mm for metal sheets and spaced at 1.8m centers Timber purlins 175mm x 75mm for refinement sheets and spaced at 1.4m centers  Wall plates 100mm x 75mm secured to the wall at 2m centers Timber fully treated, of good quality and free from serious defects Roofs under tiles or slates of traditional construction with batten spacing in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions Gutters and down pipes fitted to all roofs and arranges so as not to discharge onto soiled yards Permanent Open Ven


2.4m high and 1.2m wide.  In barns sliding doors should be fitted to all stables Doors to external stables may be hinged or sliding Hinged doors should have fittings to allow secured fixing back to the wall Sliding external doors 3m high fitted to American barns and loose houses


A working apron, minimum 2m wide should be provided along the front of loose boxes and loose houses 125mm concrete on 150mm well compacted hardcore Extended roof or canopy 1m – 1.5m wide provided over the apron No part of the canopy should be less than
2.4m from floor level
Translucent roof sheets can be installed in American barns and loose houses to provide sufficient even natural light Roof lights or windows or permanent open grids can be installed in loose stables or stalls to provide sufficient natural light Windows should be at least 2m from floor level, and protected on the inside

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