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Thursday, March 3, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM How Recycling Of Tyres Is Achieved

SAUDI TURF TEAM How Recycling Of Tyres Is Achieved

Improper disposal of tyres is a growing threat to the environment. It not only makes the environment unappealing visually, it also degrades the ecosystem. For this reason, serious action needs to be taken for proper discarding and recycling of car tyres.
Tyres are made using rubber, a difficult material to burn for recycling and reuse. The rubber undergoes a procedure called vulcanisation. It is this process that gives it its typical flexible, springy traits. The technique of vulcanization is a curing method where sulphur is added to rubber, creating tougher bonds among rubber polymers. For this reason, car tyres need to be dissembled mechanically.
The process begins with robust machines shredding entire car tyres into strips. The rubber strips are then set in pulverizing machines, which utilize rotors to further the shredding process while stripping off steel fibres from among the rubber. Some procedures make use of powerful magnets to remove other metals from the rubber substance.
The shreds then end up into granulators once most of the steel and other metals are removed. Depending on the type of consistency required by the consumer industry of the remains of the tyres, the rubber is then ground into various sizes of granules, which are used in various consumer industries for different purposes.

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