Thursday, March 10, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Introduction to Rugby

SAUDI TURF TEAM Introduction to Rugby
Rugby is one of the oldest forms of football games in the world and the game is older than soccer. Many people believe that the game is very similar to American football which is far from truth. It is true that rugby and American football originated from the same parent game but the game play and rules are very different for American football and rugby. The field where rugby is played is called a rugby pitch and it is usually 100 meters in length and 69 meters in length. The lines on both sides of the rugby pitch are called the sideline and there will be two in-goal areas too.

Rugby have 15 players for each team called Loose Head,
Rake, Tight Head, Second Row, Lock, Blindside, Open side, Number 8 and seven backs. The seven backs are further assigned as scrum half, fly half, two wings, inside and outside center and fullback. Even though there are variations for rugby with team members as low as seven, those versions are not as popular as the original fifteen player version. Haka is a famous part of rugby matches which is the symbolism of a war dance. In fact, Haka also has customized lyrics that sound very pleasing.

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