Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Winter STUD Tyres, the Basics

SAUDI TURF TEAM Winter STUD Tyres, the Basics
Although far from many peoples minds at this time of year, a little forward planning can nab you some great deals on winter tyres from your friendly local Land Rover Dealer.
Having just had another exceptionally cold winter, which seem to becoming the norm these days in the UK, the question of cold weather tyres is one that crops up a lot, especially when we look abroad and see how other countries manage to get by with a little preparation.
So what exactly can the cold weather tyres do for you ? Winter tyres are, as you would expect, specially designed for use in cold weather, it's recommended to have a set for use in the winter as they help your car deal with wet, snow covered and slightly icy roads.
At this point it's worth noting winter tyres and snow tyres are not the same thing. Snow tyres are most often studded with metal pins to grip slick ice covered roads, but in many countries they're banned due to the damage they cause to the tarmac without a thick covering of ice or snow being present on the road.
So what's the difference between winter tyres and standard tyres ? Well simply put winter tyres are made out of a softer rubber. This softer rubber means that even in very cold conditions the tyre stays flexible enough to grip the road, where as a standard tyre would have firmed up and lost grip. This softer rubber is also the reason why winter tyres should only be used in the winter too, as in the hotter summer months the winter tyres are prone to wearing out very quickly.

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