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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

description for Fountain

 Fountain Project In Saudi Arabia 
Description and Stpes

"Designing, Supply and installation including  materials, equipment, tools, incidentals and services necessary to design engineer, manufacture, supply, and install theInteractive Fountain with related mechanical and electrical systems complete including all components, hardware, and accessories as indicated on the Contract Drawing :

1. Discharge and suction piping systems and circulation pump.
2. Electrical conduit and wiring systems.
3. Subterranean vaults.
4. Collector Tank
5. Mechanical and electrical equipment with components and accessories.
6. Manufacture of primary fountain equipment and components is a “Basis
of Design”.
7. Include fountain system testing, adjustment, and operational training for Owner.
8. Fountain Electrical Control Panel.                                      all work to be done complete according to approved drawings and specifications"

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