Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Description for Malti. Porpus Court

Description  for Malti. Porpus Court

Supply and install PU malti layers system (SBR+PU)(8+2mm) with full lighting system including the excavation, leveling, compacting the soil 95%, lighting, fence and game equipment. All materials for outdoor be resistance  to the sun rays and humidity,. all work to be done complete according to approved drawings and specifications with warranty.
Malti. Porpus Court 2mmPU+8mmSBR dark green color as per aproved sample
R. Concrete 15 cm with steel mesh 10mm/20cm
Court lighting pole 9 meter with 4 Flood Lights 400Watt Metal Halide Lamps or equivelant LED type, including Supports with all accessories required. 220 Volt/60HZ power supply, (on 9 Meter Aluminum Pole). and the offer should include Distribution Panel Board with Breakers & contacts & timer required for these Poles. (4Lamps per each pole)
Chain link fence pvc coated 3.5 mm suitable for outdoor court height 3.5 m with galvanized pipe every 3m with 2 gates.

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