Saturday, February 27, 2016

anti - static mating PVC flooring

 Anti-Static mating PVC Flooring

1. Sound resistant to abrasion.

2. It has air purification function, it is beneficial to the health.

3.This product has passed the environment protection and fire-resistant certification, ensuring the security and reliability during its use process.

4. Long-term effective for antistatic purposes: it adopts imported conducting polymer;by means of the complex process production, it changes the traditional discharge method for static, ensuring the long-term effectiveness for antistatic purposes.

5.Aging resistance: This product has no cracks even under the -20ºC environment. It boasts sound cold resistance; moreover, it does not discolor even under the baking sunlight outdoors, reflecting its sound performance for guarding against the ultraviolet.

6.Chemical resistance:This product boasts sound resistance against oil and acid and alkali. 
The product is mainly used in electronics factory, microelectronics, semiconductor, aviation, aerospace, defense industry enterprise, firework factory, medical and chemical industry, etc.
Other specifications are available to customer's request
ESD Mat Anti-Static PVC Flooring ESD Flooing.

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