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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Anti Static Mats: Helping to Combat Static

Anti Static Mats: Helping to Combat Static

Static charges can be caused by a number of different aspects. If you want to combat static charges and shocks then you need to get anti static mats. These mats are perfect for use in your offices, where you require the use of a lot of cabling.
Cabling will be required to make the computer systems work properly in your computer room. In order to make sure that this cabling does not create static charges, you need to install antic static mats. This essential floor piece works by having a controlled low resistance. This is accomplished by plugging the mat into the grounded line in an electrical outlet. When you are doing your cabling in your computer room you can easily install an anti static mat during the installation of the cables. This will combat any static charges from occurring and subsequently will prevent any shocks.
The best way to install an anti static mat is to use access flooring. Access flooring is created by placing raised flooring above the original concrete floor. In order to install your access flooring you will first need to secure all of the cabling and put down the anti static mats. Depending on the size of the room will determine how many anti static mats you will need. Once the cabling has been secured and the anti static mats put in place you can then begin to build the access floor. The access floor is put together by using floor panels, pedestals and a stringer. Once your access floor is completed you will be able to rest assured that your cabling is not only safe and secure, but will not create an static energy that could be harmful to your employees. You will also have easy access to your cabling were a problem to arise. Anti static mats and access flooring are the solutions to your cabling and static charge issues in your offices.

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