Saturday, February 27, 2016

Anti Static Mats - Where to Buy the Best

Anti Static Mats - Where to Buy the Best
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Don't you hate that feeling; you walk across the rug at home or across the carpet at work, reach for the doorknob and..........ZAP!!! You get a static shock. Getting a shock is an unpleasant enough experience but did you know that in the workplace it can be very dangerous and even kill you?
What is Static Electricity?
To understand how static electricity is created, let's look at the above example of how static electricity is generated when you walk across a carpet at work. When you walk across the carpet, the soles of your shoes rub against the carpet. This rubbing action causes friction and generates a type of energy. This energy remains dormant or stored up until the person who is carrying the charge eliminates the energy. This usually occurs when the person who is carrying the electrical charge touches a door handle or metal equipment and gets a static shock. This is known as an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
The Problems with Static Electricity in the Workplace.
A build up of static electricity can be dangerous. A static electrical spark can do costly damage to microprocessors, commercial machinery and equipment. Sometimes the results of a static shock could be catastrophic, especially if the employee works with flammable chemicals and gases. A spark has the potential to cause a fire or an explosion. Instances of workmen dying of shock too have been reported. Therefore it is essential to resort to precautionary measures. One method that offers safeguard is the use of antistatic mats.

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