Saturday, February 27, 2016

anti static mats

Anti     Static     Mats

Static electricity develops when there is an imbalance in the negative and positive charges in an atom. This happens because of friction between two surfaces. Even walking on a carpet - when the sole of the shoe rubs against the rug - can generate this energy. It remains stagnant unless eliminated or dissipated, or balanced. That can take place when the person who carries the charge touches, say, a doorknob or equipment and gets a shock. It is actually an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).
A build up of static electricity can be dangerous. First of all it can damage costly equipment and cause variation in product quality. Secondly, it may sometimes be catastrophic. There could be fire and explosion. Instances of workmen dying of shock too have been reported. Therefore it is essential to resort to precautionary measures. One method that offers safeguard is the use of antistatic mats.
The mats used for protection from electricity come under three basic classifications - conductive, antistatic, and non-conductive. They are used in combination with proper grounding. Antistatic mats (and matting), which are dissipative, have higher resistance to electricity and the current passes through at low speed. This helps to protect sensitive devices along with assuring the safety of the workmen. There are floor mats and tabletop mats.
Antistatic mats are made from different materials like vinyl and stainless steel fibers. They are available in various sizes, and colors to suit the décor and have anti-fatigue and slip resistant properties. Some are light duty mats meant for people to stand on or to place equipments. For applications like using under chairs and movement of laden carts, heavy-duty mats are required.
While selecting antistatic mats, an important factor to be considered is the rate at which static electricity is to be discharged. Sudden dissipation could cause damage to some equipment. This is an area where expert advice is required.

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