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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

saudi turf team Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

saudi turf team Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Most kitchen floors today are not covered with carpet, but with ceramic tile, wood or cement so that the floor can be easily cleaned. However, countless hours of baking or cleaning in the kitchen can often leave the feet and legs tired and sore. A good way to prevent feet and leg fatigue is to place anti-fatigue mats on the floor where the most traffic and standing is done. For example, anti-fatigue floor mats would be best used in front of a stove, main counter space and the kitchen sink. Especially during the holiday season, most people find themselves standing for hours in the kitchen.
While standing for long periods of time on a hard surface some people tend to have leg and feet fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats were generally purchased by employers so their employees that stand for hours while working have a padded area to stand. However, many people buy them for the home as well. floor mats are mats that give the feet and legs a cushiony support while standing on a hard surface.
What makes a good anti-fatigue floor mat? The first thing to review when purchasing an anti-fatigue floor mat is whether it is washable or not. If the mat is used in the kitchen or garage, you will want something that is washable, and frequent washing may be needed.
There are four different anti-fatigue floor mats to choose from:
• Carpet - Carpeted anti-fatigue floor mats may be the best for fatigue. The best ones have an anti-slip, rubber backing. Also, make sure it is washable. 
• Vinyl - Vinyl anti-fatigue mats are generally used for industrial purposes however can be used at home. Check for washability, and these mats often can be hosed down. Great for the garage. 
Foam - Foam floor mats are generally covered in vinyl and are washable. However, they are quite thin and are used for light-duty purposes. 
Rubber - Rubber floor mats can be purchased in a hardware store and often come as inter-locking mats. These are hard to wash, but can be mopped if needed. They can be great in a child's play area or garage as there are less decorative choices with these mats.

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