Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Basketballs A Little Bit of History

SAUDI TURF TEAM Basketballs A Little Bit of History

Basketballs which are used in competition are a standard size of 29.5 inches. Traditionally they were made from leather and are inflated with an inner bladder. It is more common now to use balls which are manufactured from either rubber or a similar synthetic composite. Rubber or composite balls will always feature a textured surface of pebbles. These, along with a slightly tacky surface, will help with grip to improve play.

The surface on which you are using the ball will play a vital role in deciding which material is best for your purpose. As an outside surface will almost certainly be a lot more rough and abrasive, you should use a ball with a strong and durable rubber or composite surface. This will ensure its longevity. If you were IN SAUDI ARABIA and use a leather ball on an outdoor surface then it will not have a very long life expectancy. Indoor balls are often made of leather and are often more expensive. Therefore they should not be used on a tarmac or asphalt surface.  

The first basketball which was produced for official games was the Spalding ball. The company manufactured the first purpose made basketballs in the late 1800s under the guidance of James Naismith. So successful were Spalding that they are still manufacturing balls for official games now.

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