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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Useful Info About Basketball

SAUDI TURF TEAM Useful Info About Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sport events in the world. It's actually a team sport that requires the shooting of a ball into a stationed basket. Players score points by shooting the ball correctly into the basket.

The game requires a set of rules. Normally, two teams made of five players each do engage in it. A well-constructed court is often provided for the sport. There are also umpires that officiate at the game. To win at the game, a team has to score the greatest points. If they end up in a draw, an extra time may be allowed to determine the winner.

There are specific ways of playing the game. Basically, the common techniques used include shooting, dribbling, rebounding and passing. Players are expected to bounce the ball while running or walking. They can dribble or pass the ball to their team mates. However, moving with the ball without dribbling is a pure violation in the game. Moreover, players are not allowed to carry or hold the ball with their two hands before they continue dribbling. Playing rough or making disruptive physical contacts is never allowed. All violations in the game are referred to as "fouls". In most cases, a free throw is awarded to penalize the offensive player. When a player or coach commits a grievous offense in the game, a technical foul is usually issued against him. The technical foul gives the opposing team the chance to retain ball possession. A free throw is also awarded to the team.

Furthermore, there are specific positions reserved for players in the game. The taller players usually play "center forward" position. On the other hand, shorter players mainly focus on dribbling and passing the ball to the taller players. They play what is technically known as "shooting guard".

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