Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM A Brief History of Volleyball

SAUDI TURF TEAM A Brief History of Volleyball


Long before there were any volleyball drills, competitions, or even teams, there was an instructor at the YMCA in Holyoak, Mass. by the name of William G. Morgan. He wanted to create a game that would combine the elements of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball that would be less physically demanding than basketball. In 1895, he created the sport that he called "mintonette". At its conception, any amount of players could be on the court at a time. Females were allowed to catch the ball after a serve in order to toss it back into play. And as long as the ball didn't hit the ground, there was no limit to the number of hits per side during each play. Since it wasn't a competition sport to begin with, there was no reason for volleyball drills. During one the earliest demonstration games, a person watching the game commented to Morgan that the players appeared to be "volleying" the ball back and forth. From that simple statement, modern day volleyball got its start. 

Volleyball drills in the early years were much more laid back than they are today. The purpose of the game in those days was to simply get the ball over the net. In the year 1900, volleyball began to be introduced in other countries. In 1907, just 12 years after its conception, the game was introduced to the Playground of America association as the most popular game. In the meantime, the game was spreading more widely throughout the world. In the Philippines, they began to take the game a little more aggressively. There, they conceived of a play in which one player would hit the ball in the air to another player, who would then power hit the ball over the net at a downward angle. In today's volleyball drills and games, this was the first set and spike combination.

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