Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM How Did It Start: The History of Volleyball

SAUDI TURF TEAM How Did It Start: The History of Volleyball


Volleyball then continued to advance. On July 7th, 1896, the first game of volleyball was played at Springfield college. Later, in 1900, a special ball designed specifically for volleyball was designed, and the YMCA continued expansion of the game outside the United States into Canada, Asia, and the Southern Hemisphere. The sport was able to reach communist Cuba in 1905, and in 1907 the sport was presented to the playground convention and was touted as being the most popular sport there. In 1913, Volleyball was held at the Far Eastern games, which was a large sporting festival of the time. A major step that volleyball took came when in 1919 American expeditionary forces were able to successfully distribute sixteen thousand volleyballs to its troops and allies. This action had the far reaching consequence of spreading the game of volleyball and growing it in foreign countries.

Volleyball continued growing until in 1957, the international Olympic committee designated Volleyball as an Olympic sport. This marked a major recognition and turning point for the growth of the game itself. The first Olympic Games that contained Volleyball were the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Olympic competition fostered the creation of many different levels of competition, ranging from youth sports to high school to college and even professionally. There are millions of children playing volleyball every year and it is a popular sport particularly among young women. There are many different types of materials that are needed to play volleyball, from the ball it self, to shoes, to uniforms. There are specialty kinds of every type of uniform, especially volleyball spandex, which can be purchased from many retailers, particularly online retailers, which offer consumer friendly prices.

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