Monday, February 22, 2016

saudi turf team Caring For Your acrylic Floors

saudi turf team Caring For Your acrylic Floors

A floor made of acrylic rubber is truly elegant in a home or garage and play grounds in saudi arabia  and we must take additional care to prevent the floors get damaged. Cleaning acrylic floors are easy and simple. Plus there are lots of commercially available cleaning products specifically made for rubber.

Preventive Maintenance:

1. Regular sweeping of your floors, use a soft bristled broom.
2. Regular vacuuming can get dirt and sand. They can scratch your floors,
3. Don't wipe wood floors with a wet mop or wet rug.
4. Water is the worst enemy of acrylic rubber floors. If you see spilled water, wipe it immediately with dry mops and dry rugs. Don't let the water stand in.
5. Use doormats on every door's entrances. Clean them always.
6. Ask your acrylic surface manufacturer on what special treatments should you use on your floor because there are different acrylic floor finishes.

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