Sunday, February 21, 2016

saudi turf team Ways Of Protecting Your Garage with acrylic rubber suarface

saudi turf team Ways Of Protecting Your Garage with acrylic rubber surface

The main material that is used in acrylic rubber floaring is paint. The paint protects the concrete thus protecting it from cracking.

There are two main types of paints used in sealing: acrylic and epoxy. Acrylic floaring come in different colors and you can find almost any color that you want. What you need to do is to buy the paint from a reputable store.

You can apply the paint by yourself or you can hire a professional to apply it for you. When applying the acrylic rubber floor by yourself, you should remember that acrylic contains harmful chemicals; therefore, you should protect yourself: you should wear a face mask for protection.

You should also wear gloves during application. For ideal results, you should apply at least two coats of the paint.

Epoxy paint on the other hand fills the flaws on your concrete floor giving the floor an elegant look. Epoxy is much stronger than acrylic; therefore, it tends to have a longer lifespan. Before applying the paint, you should ensure that the floor is thoroughly cleaned.

Since the acrylic rubber floor is longer lasting than acrylic, you should note that it's much expensive; therefore, you should be prepared to part with more money in order to get it.


This is another excellent way of protecting your flooring in K.S.A. Two main materials used in covering the floor are mats and tiles.

The mats used are those made specifically for garage floors. The mats are usually of stronger material and they are longer lasting. In case of oil or grease spills, the spills get on the mats and they don't reach the floor. When the mat gets dirty, you only need to clean it. You can also replace it with a new one.

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