Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Facts on Tennis Court Fencing

SAUDI TURF TEAM Facts on Tennis Court Fencing

When you start to build a place to play tennis you have many options on the surface of the court and you have a few options on the type of barrier you will establish around the court.

What Materials are used to Construct Tennis Court Fencing ?

The majority of courts will have chain link fences surrounding them. Chain link fencing is also called wire netting and wire mesh fence. The individual wires used to create the material are bent into a zigzag pattern so that the individual wires hook together and create a mesh pattern out of the wires. The individual wires create a diamond shaped pattern when they are completely attached to each other.

Galvanized wire mesh fencing is the most popular material used in ALL AROUND THE WORLD LIKE SAUDI ARABIA. It is cost effective and maintenance free for long periods of time.

Variations of Chain Link Fencing

You can purchase this fencing material made of galvanized chain EVEN IN SAUDI ARABIA so that it does not rust or vinyl coated. The vinyl coated wire comes covered in a colored vinyl to protect the chain.

Wooden posts and rails can be used in place of the galvanized posts and rails to create a different look on the fence. The main problem with the wooden rails and posts is that they will eventually start to deteriorate from the weather.

They pose a hazard to people who have their hands on the railings as they can leave splinters of wood.IN SAUDI ARABIA They require more maintenance than the steel posts because the wooden ones need to be painted for looks and protection whereas the steel posts do not need painting.

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