Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM How You Can Renovate Tennis Court Lighting

SAUDI TURF TEAM How You Can Renovate Tennis Court Lighting

Tennis is a game loved by many people and public tennis courts are available for people with racquets and balls. However IN SAUDI ARABIA a court can be added to a homeowner's backyard and this is dependent on the budget of the owner. The importance of lighting in a tennis play-area cannot be overemphasized as games can last till late in the evening. Some people also love to play some games very early in the morning before going to work and the sun may not be out at this time. Lighting a court or renovating existing lights should not be a cause for worry as the following tips will guide you.

The fixtures of your existing lighting should be examined while dark spots on the court should be checked. It is also important to check for glare and how the ball is well lit when moving from one part of the play-area to another. You should endeavor to play after the sun has gone down so that you will be able to see how the light affects your games. Special note should be taken when some lighting fixtures cause a blinding when you want to serve or return a lob.

Moreover, you should draw the existing light fixtures and circle any spots on the court where you discover that there are problems. A new lighting scheme should then be designed for the court and majority of residential courts make use of low-mast lighting which gives a steady light across the whole court, reduces glare and stops light from reaching too far beyond the court. It is important to make use of forward throw light fixtures and bulbs that will spread an even light and reduce glare. You should ensure that your new design is able to project the light about 7 feet beyond the outside lines of the court.

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