Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Types of Volleyballs

SAUDI TURF TEAM Types of Volleyballs
There are quite a number of different types of Volleyballs, used for different situations. If you go and buy the cheapest volleyball that you can find, you are guaranteed that it is going to be a different size to the standard size, and that it will weigh less and as a result behave differently. It's important to learn to play Volleyball with a proper ball, or you will get used a ball that behaves very differently to one that is used in real games. You can get Volleyballs designed for indoor and outdoor use, with different bladders, made of synthetic or leather and as a result ones that are designed for different purposes. For those who are just starting volleyball, the most common ball is very soft.
It can hurt if you play with a hard, solid ball because of how hard they get hit at times. Volleyballs for Youth are designed to be soft and easy to play with. Once you are able to play volleyball though, they move to the normal leather or synthetic balls that can be much harder. Outdoor Volleyballs are generally made of synthetic leather or rubber. The rubber balls will sting if you get one belted towards you! Synthetic Volleyballs are designed to be used outdoors, and will not wear as easily as the leather ones. Leather balls are most often used indoors, and will wear quickly if you use them outside.
They are the most expensive balls, and have a soft leather cover with durable stitching all the way around the ball. You can also get balls that are designed for Setters to practice with. They are much softer and can be lighter, so that the setter doesn't get bruised fingers. The issue with these is that you can get used to them, and then when you do play with a real ball it behaves differently.

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