Thursday, February 25, 2016

SAUDI TURF TEAM Volleyball Set

SAUDI TURF TEAM Volleyball Set

A Set in Volleyball is played as 'first to 25 points'. However, if there it is 25/24 and the lower number team wins then the game will continue until someone wins by two points. This means that some Volleyball Games can go for a long time. I have personally played in Volleyball Games where the score has gone over 35! In order to win a point in Volleyball, the ball must touch the floor. Of course, there are plenty of other rules which dictate when a point is won. For example, if you serve the ball and it doesn't go over the net, or it goes outside the antenna then you lose the point. If you touch the net when you spike the ball then you also lose the net.

A proper Volleyball Game is made up of up to 5 sets. It is played as first to 3 sets. However, if both teams score 2 sets each, the 5th set is only played as 'first to 15 points'. This set is different as you rotate sides half way through the set as well. In Junior Volleyball, it is usually played as best of 3 sets. What this means is that you need to win 2 sets in order to win the game. If both teams score 1 set, then the 3rd set is played until 15 points, and whoever wins that wins the game.

A Volleyball Set can go for up to an hour, depending on the length of the rallies, the number of time outs and the skill level of the Volleyball players. Generally the top level Volleyball goes for longer than the junior volleyball simply because they are able to defend better. Once you have played 3 sets of Volleyball you are usually very worn out. This stresses the importance of being fit when playing Volleyball .!


  1. If you are using a setting motion to hit the ball over the net, you have to hit the ball in the direction that your shoulders are facing. volleyball defense rules